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Photo: Dirk Meyer

AT&T introduces touch tone phones

Mercury program: NASA launches the last mission of the program Mercury 9

The first prototype Learjet takes off

In 1963:

1963 Friden EC-130

The Friden EC-130 had an all-transistor design, 13-digit capacity on a 5-inch CRT, for a price of $2200

Inventions in 1963

35th President: John F. Kennedy
January 20th 1961 - November 22nd 1963

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The average house cost $21,102
Equivalent today: $150,790

The average car cost $3,233
Equivalent today: $23,102

The average wage was $4,397
Equivalent today: $31,420

1963 Lava Lamp

Edward Craven-Walker invents the lava lamp


1963 Porsche 911

1963 Kodak Instamatic 100



Photo: Dcooke