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The first “Don't Walk” sign is installed in New York City

The Today Show premieres on NBC, becoming one of the longest-running television series in America

The First Holiday Inn is opened in Tennessee

The first Roll On Deodorant introduced

In 1952:

Inventions in 1952

33rd President: Harry S. Truman
April 12th 1945 - January 20th 1953

Photo: US Government

The average house cost $17,489
Equivalent today: $144,130

The average car cost $1,700
Equivalent today: $14,010

The average wage was $2,973
Equivalent today: $24,501

1952 Nash-Healey roadster

1952 Mr. Potato Head

Mr. Potato Head was the first toy advertised on American TV

1952 Bar Code

The first Patent for a bar code used to identify products

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