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The first automatic street lights are installed in Connecticut

RCA announces the development of a compatible color TV system

Maiden flight of the British-built de Havilland Comet, the world's first passenger jet, at Hatfield, Hertfordshire

In 1949:

1949 The Manchester Mark 1

The world's first commercially available computer The Manchester Mark 1 Released

Inventions in 1949

33rd President: Harry S. Truman
April 12th 1945 - January 20th 1953

Photo: University of Manchester

Photo: Dpbsmith

The average house cost $15,241
Equivalent today: $139,823

The average car cost $1,420
Equivalent today: $13,027

The average wage was $2,574
Equivalent today: $23,614

1949 Ferrari 166 Inter Coupe Touring

1949 The Single

RCA Victor released the first 45 rpm single, 7 inches in diameter, with a large center hole to accommodate an automatic play mechanism on the changer

Photo: Stahlkocher