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First operational use of the V-2 rocket, the first ballistic missile

Sunscreen USA by Benjamin Green (he was trying to invent something to protect soldiers in the Second World War from Sunburn). He then went on to create the Coppertone Company

In 1944:

1944 P-51D Mustang

First flight: 26 October 1940 and introduced in 1942.

The Mustang first flew in the Royal Air Force ensureing Allied air superiority from early 1944

Inventions in 1944

32nd President: Franklin D. Roosevelt March 4th 1933 - April 12th 1945

Photo: Arpingstone

The average house cost $8,870
Equivalent today: $110,272

The average car cost $950
Equivalent today: $11,810

The average wage was $1,854
Equivalent today: $23,049

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