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By 1922 over 500 commercial radio stations are in operation in the United States

The first US Aircraft Carrier The "USS Langley" finished

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) begins radio service in the United Kingdom

In 1922:

1922 Mickey Mouse

In May 1922, Disney founded Laugh-O-Gram Films with $15,000. Disney was inspired to draw Mickey by a tame mouse at his desk at the Studio

Inventions in 1922

29th President: Warren G. Harding
March 4th 1921 - August 2nd 1923

1922 Lincoln touring

Photo: CZmarlin

The average house cost $8,024
Equivalent today: $104,691

The average car cost $355
Equivalent today: $4,632

The average wage was $991
Equivalent today: $12,930

Photo: The Walt Disney Company