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More and more tests and advancements are being made in 1921 that will later provide the basis for television technology that will be used in millions of homes

With the changing needs of the airline industry Boeing obtains orders for aircraft and abandons furniture-making

In 1921:

1921 Parker Duofold

The Parker Duofold fountain pen ("Big Red") is introduced by the Parker Pen Co. of Janesville, Wisconsin

Cost: $7

Inventions in 1921

29th President: Warren G. Harding
March 4th 1921 - August 2nd 1923

1921 Amilcar

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The average house cost $7,913
Equivalent today: $96,726

The average car cost $440
Equivalent today: $5,378

The average wage was $1,030
Equivalent today: $12,590