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The first commercial radio station in the United States, 8MK (WWJ), begins operations in Detroit, Michigan. From the years of 1923 to 1930 more than half of American households already owned their own radios


In 1920:

1920 Westinghouse model RC (sold by RCA)

In the early 1920's, the first commercially produced domestic radio sets come to stores in the US – one of the first was the Westinghouse model RC, introduced in late 1920.

Inventions in 1920

28th President: Woodrow Wilson
March 4th 1913 - March 4th 1921

1920 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost

Photo: Jagvar

Photo courtesy of Sonny the RadiolaGuy,  www.radiolaguy.com

The average house cost $8,094
Equivalent today: $88,373

The average car cost $575
Equivalent today: $6,278

The average wage was $1,116
Equivalent today: $12,185