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In 12 months number of Internet host computers goes from 1 million to 10 million

Windows NT 4.0 released by Microsoft

Ebay started the online auction and shopping website

First version of the Java programming language released.

In 1996:

1996 Nokia Communicator

The first Smartphone - with keyboard and a large LCD screen inside as well as Internet connectivity and clients for Internet and non-Internet communication services.

Inventions in 1996

42nd President: Bill Clinton
January 20th 1993 - January 20th 2001

McLaren F1

Photo: Viggen

The average house cost $140,000
Equivalent today: $195,235

The average car cost $16,300
Equivalent today: $22,731

The average wage was $25,914
Equivalent today: $36,138

1996 Wind up Radio

Trevor Baylis's original prototype included a small transistor radio, an electric motor from a toy car, and the clockwork mechanism from a music box.

Photo: Grundig

Photo: Nokia