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Human Genome Project launched with the object to understand the human genome and therefore provide the continuing progress of medicine, It was announced in 2000 to be completed by Bill Clinton and Tony Blair

Internet Mail Access Protocol defined for e-mail transfer

In 1986:

1986 MIR

Mir was a Russian space station. It was the world's first consistently inhabited long-term research station in space, The station was in operation for fifteen years until 2001,

Inventions in 1986

40th President: Ronald Reagan
January 20th 1981 - January 20th 1989

1986 BMW M3

Photo: NASA

The average house cost $92,000
Equivalent today: $183,667

The average car cost $9,255
Equivalent today: $18,476

The average wage was $17,322
Equivalent today: $34,581

1986 The IBM PC Convertible

The first laptop computer and the first to use the 3.5" floppy disk which went on to become the standard. Cost: $2,000.