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Year +1 
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Live Aid pop concerts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and London raise over £50 million for famine relief in Ethiopia.

Microsoft Corporation releases Windows 1.0.

NeXT is founded by Steve Jobs after he resigns from
Apple Computer

In 1985:

1985 Amiga 1000

The Amiga is a family of 16-bit generation personal computers, Commodore company's home computer.
The first model
appeared in 1985
as a high-end
product with
graphical, audio
and multitasking
capacities ahead
of its time

Inventions in 1985

40th President: Ronald Reagan
January 20th 1981 - January 20th 1989

Photo: Kaiiv

The average house cost $84,300
Equivalent today: $171,423

The average car cost $9,005
Equivalent today: $18,312

The average wage was $16,823
Equivalent today: $34,209

1985 Nintendo

The Nintendo Entertainment System is released in U.S. stores accompanied by Super Mario Bros.

1985 Lancia Delta S4

Photo: Tennen-Gas

Photo: Nintendo