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Volkswagen's Golf (or Rabbit) first enters production, as the replacement for well-loved but antiquated Beetle. VW goes on to sell more than 22 million Golfs, and the model, now in its 6th generation, is still in full scale production as of 2010


In 1974:

1974 The Rubik's Cube

350 million cubes have sold worldwide making it the world's top-selling puzzle game. It is widely considered to be the world's best-selling toy

Inventions in 1974

37th President: Richard Nixon
January 20th 1969 - August 9th 1974 Republican

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The average house cost $35,900
Equivalent today: $159,234

The average car cost $3,750
Equivalent today: $16,633

The average wage was $8,031
Equivalent today: $35,621

1974 Post-it note

The yellow colour was chosen by accident; a lab next-door to the Post-it team had scrap yellow paper, which
the team

1974 AMC Javelin AMX

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